Made in Libya Salon

Alkaram city – Tunisia
23, November 2021 – 27 November 2021

Al-jaied company for Food Industries participated in the first and huge event of its kind, Made in Libya salon in its first session, which was held in alkaram city Sister country of Tunisia.

he salon included a series of events that would consolidate the bonds of brotherhood between the two peoples in Libya and Tunisia, and strengthen the strategic relations between the two brotherly countries, leading to economic integration that serves and contributes to the advancement of the two countries and the achievement of well-being and the desired economic development.

Aljaied for Food Industries had a distinct and effective participation opportunity, through which it achieved the desired goals in reviewing the various high-quality aljaied products in the hands of those interested, and an overview of the establishment of this ancient company, which contributes significantly to supporting the return of life to the Libyan industry.