Suntop in Libya

    Juices and Beverages in our import products

    Juices and beverages drinks are the most products of our company Aljaied , all kinds of Suntop juice are the first and major target in our import lists , and in our future plans and visions.
    Greatest Priority and prefer is For this products . we have focused all our efforts and strategies distributing’s plans to go up and up , according to the map of Libya’s population, in order ,to create A disciplined and wide markets for Suntop sales .

    Main warehouses

    Aljaied company owns number of 3 safety stores in the capital Tripoli plus 2 wide in Misurata city , the total are 8000 square meter ,we specialized 4500 meter for the Suntop and beverages, can be increased in any time we need, by buying or renting .