Aljaied Company

    Aljaied food Import is a 100% Libyan national company, established in 2012 and headquartered in Tripoli and Misurata.
    Aljaied is the exclusive agent for many of the world’s leading brands. It imports various foodstuffs which are distributed to for all cities and villages of Libya.

    Our Mission

    Aljaied Company is interested in obtaining exclusive agencies from international brands in the field of producers and manufacturers of basic foodstuffs and commodities, ensuring that they are available to the consumer with high quality and conforming standards.

    Our Objectives

    By the company’s management experience and the accurate vision, to ensure that the customer has periodic share of these commodities, Aljaied is contribute to enriching the local market with many international products and a competitive quality standard.

    Our Vision

    To achieve the highest standards of excellence and for daily food commodities consumer need, Aljaied aims in soon future to establish local factories for all needs of the Libyan market with international competitive specifications.

    Aljaied company products

    The Aljaied imports a many varieties of a food as:
    Suntop juice – Sunquick juice – condensed milk powder – sterilized milk – cheeses for a various sizes and weights – corn oil – sunflower oil – canned tuna in various sizes and weights – Beans – canned tomato paste – Poultry Eggs – Poultry Meat, etc…